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Raj is a game invented in the 80s by Alex Randolph. It is a delusively simple game, which in its multiplayer form requires no shuffling and no luck—in other words, a perfect information game. It has gone through various editions, publishers, variations and names, in many languages.

Each player gets a set of cards numbered 1 to 15, which they use to bid for cards numbered from -5 to 10. The highest bid wins the positive bid card, the lowest bid wins the negative bid card. At the end, players add up the bids cards won and, as expected, the player with the highest sum wins the game.

I've added to this a tentative solitaire mode.

The download file contains a full set of rules, a set of bid cards and two sets of player cards, in different styles. You may print both of them or just one, depending on how you like them. I may add other styles in the future.

To add a bit of seasoning, each player card has two words for the number on it in a variety of languages, ranging from to Latin, to Korean and to Hausa.

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