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Calling Back Laughter

If laughter ever leaves your side, call it back like this:

Hlahla! Uthlofan, lauflings!

Hlahla! Uflofan, lauflings!

Who lawghen with lafe, who hlaegen lewchly,

Hlahla! Uflofan hlouly!

Hlahla! Hloufish lauflings lafe ufbeloght lauchalorum!

Hlahla! Loufenish lauflings lafe, hlohan utlaufly!

Lawfen, lawfen,

Hloh, hlouh, hlou! luifekin, luifekin,

Hlofeningum, hlofeningum.

Hlahla! Utlofan, lauflings!

Hlahla! Utlofan, lauflings!

Velimir Khlebnikov

Incantation by Laughter

Translated by Paul Schmidt

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