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How Many Moons Are in the Sky?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

One time, I wanted two moons in the sky. But I needed someone to look up and see these two moons because I wanted to hear him try and convince the others in the village of what he saw. I knew it would be funny.

So I did it. I wished another moon up! There it was, across the sky from the old moon.

Along came a man. Of course I wished him down that open path. Ho looked up in the sky. He had to see that other moon! One moon for each of his eyes! He stood looking up in the sky a long time. Then he suspected me, I think.

He looked into the trees where he thought I might be. But he could not see me since I was disguised at the whole night itself! Sometimes I wished myself into looking like the whole day, but this time I was dressed like the whole night.

Then he said, "There is something strange in the sky tonight." He said it out loud. I heard it clearly. Then he hurried home and I followed him.

He told the others, "You will not believe this, but there are only two moons in the sky tonight." He had a funny look on his face. Then all the others began looking into the woods. Looking for me, no doubt!

"Only two moon, ha! Who will believe you? We won't fall for that!" they all said to him.

They were trying to send the trick back at me! That was clear to me! So, I quickly wished a third moon up there in the sky. They looked up and saw three moons. They had to see them!

Then one man said out loud, "Ah, there, look up! up there! There is only one moon! Well, let's go sleep on this and in the morning we will try and figure it out."

They all agreed, and went in their houses to sleep.

I was standing there with three moons shining on me. There were three... I was sure of it.

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