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Updated: Sep 2, 2022

A morning coffee geography mini game


This mini game is an add-on to the upcoming geography game called Meridians. Just as everything relating to Meridians, it is still in its early stages, and it will probably be modified as I go along. If you happen to play this game, your input is more than welcome.


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Solitaire Rules

Multiplayer Rules

The Cheat Sheet

The rules are as simple as it gets (that’s why I call it a minigame). First of all, you need to print the map board and the tile sheets, then and cut the sheets into tiles.

Country tiles need to be matched to one of the 15 location slots on the map board. In other words, you simply need to locate the country on the world map.

We’ll see…



Each country tile represents one of the 101 largest countries on Earth—except for the first ten which are, well, too large and too obvious for the purpose of this game.

The two dots on the upper right corner shows on which sixtile each country ranks on the Bob Index and the Mediocrity Index, respectively.

There are currently two versions of the tiles, one showing the shape and the name of the country, and a harder one, showing just the shape. For a... medium difficulty level, you can always mix these tiles together.

Some tiles can be placed on more than a single location. These are all given in the cheat sheet below.



Draw 5 tiles at random and place them on the board. When you are unsure, check against the sheet provided. If you have placed correctly at least 3 tiles, take another turn by drawing 5 more tiles.

You win if you run out of tiles.



Each player draws 7 country tiles at random, then each plays a tile by turn. Ideally, they will locate the country correctly, but they can also bluff.

If the player next in turn believes the country has been placed incorrectly, they can challenge the current player. If the challenge is justified, the current player draws an additional tile. If not, the challenger draws a tile.

The player to first run out of tiles wins the game.



Look for the tile number or search for the country to check the location.


If you enjoyed this project, how about we plant some trees together?

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