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The Footprint Tree

One time I wished up a footprint tree. It had the footprints of many animals for leaves. Footprints left behind in mud and snow were all hanging on that tree!

I wished all kinds of weather into that tree, too. It stayed cold around the snow footprints and warmer around the mud footprints. I wanted them to stay just as they were when they were left behind.

That is how it was in the tree. When a bear walked by, some old bear tracks would leap off the tree and come sniffing up to its feet! They would be looking for a home. If the bear was the same one who left them behind long ago, they would leap back on the bear’s feet and go back to living there. Until the bear walked in snow or mud again.

Those leaves leaped down! Bear footprints made a loud sound when they hit the ground and often bird footprints flew away in the wind trying to catch up with birds! Bird-footprint leaves could be seen floating in the air!

I tell you I was happy after wishing that tree up! Except, later, I had leaves from the mud and snow I’d walked in sniffing around my feet too.


A series of AI-generated images from the first paragraph of the story.

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