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The Man-Wearing Coat

Once, I wished up a coat wearing a man inside. The man was sleeping, and when he woke, the coat was on him! This was in summer, so many asked him, "Why do you have the coat on?"

"It has me in it," he would answer.

He tried to take it off, but I wished his memory shivering with cold so it wouldn't want to remember how to take a coat off. That way it would stay warm. I congratulated myself on thinking that.

Then his friends came, put coats on, and slowly showed him how they took coats off. Even that didn't work. Things were getting interesting. Then his friends tried to confuse the coat into thinking it was a man.

"Good morning," they said to it, "Did you get your share of fish?" and other things too. Some even invited the coat to gossip.

It got to be late summer and someone said to the coat, "It's getting colder. You better go out and find a coat to wear." The coat agreed.

Ha! I was too busy laughing to stop that dumb coat from leaving the man it wore inside. I didn't care. I went following the coat. Things were getting interesting.

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