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The Onward Path is now on Kickstarter

Yesterday I launched my second campaign on Kickstarter, The Onward Path, game zine inspired by a previous project of mine, The Garden of Moon.

The results are better than expected: it got funded in just 7 hours (as always, there are some caveats to the numbers, but the bragging rights are all there).


As the sun sinks, the birds of the sky turn into shadows. You can’t sleep. You put on your coat and take a stroll through the streets drowned in the red tide of dusk. Soon, you reach the outskirts of the city. You walk out through the Gate of Dreams.

So begins your journey to that secret crossroad of the worlds, the Garden of the Moon. You have been there many times before, but only when you're there you can remember your past journeys. While you're on the Onward Path, every journey is the first journey.


The Onward Path is an eclectic combination of baroque and zen elements, scattered like seeds upon the fertile imagery of a dreamy story.

There are five challenges, in the form of five mini games, which you need to overcome in order to get to The Garden of the Moon.

The mini games are simple and accessible, their aim being to strike that thin balance between breeziness and enough challenge to make them interesting. The idea is to play the entire booklet at once, which will provide for unexpected intrigue and variety in this serene setting.


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