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The Sploogies

Updated: Aug 31, 2022




A fast paced, strategic yet chaotic roll and write game. Funded on Kickstarter, after a few adventures, in August 2022.


The are two version of The Sploogies: one with dice, and the other... well, without dice. The purpose of the game is to collect a minimum of 5 Sploogies, then defeat The Big Sploog at the centre of the maze. Or be the last one standing.

But a lot can happen when you get a Sploogie...

Highly replayable. In addition to that, the PnP board is a configurable PDF containing 10,000 unique mazes and 25,000 unique game configuration.

Find below the whole story behind The Sploogies.


You can find here the rules for both versions and the bid sheets, in case you already have the game. Everything in A4 and letter format.




As always, for every game sold I will plant a tree.


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