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The Sploogies (Diceless Version)

Updated: Aug 31, 2022




This is the diceless version of The Sploogies, a strategic and chaotic dice game.

If you don't know about it, it's time you found out. If you already know, then it means you want more. Good. Let yourself descend into the Maze Craze. It's a bit tangled, but wait till you reach the centre!

Just like in the original version, you need to collect five Sploogies, then head towards the centre of the maze.

In the diceless version, only the dice are lost. All that makes Sploogies the game it is remains, including the chaos, and perhaps an extra sprinkle of strategy. Each player is assigned a fixed number of points which are used for moving and bidding (i.e. fighting) for rewards and against each other. But a lot can happen, depending on many factors, not least the difference between you and your opponent's bids.


As always, for every game sold, I will plant a tree.


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