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The Time When All The Noises Met

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

This story is straight from the Trickster's mouth. He lived for ninety-four years on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Canada, under the name of Jacob Nibenegenesabe. He had a goose wishing bone with which he could turn himself into a trickster. As you know, a trickster is someone who can wish things into existence.

In time, there will be much more about Jacob Nibenegenesabe here on this website.

One time, all the noises met. All the noises in the world met in one place, and I was there, because they met in my house.

My wife said, "Who sent them?"

I said, "Fox or Rabbit, yes, one of those two. They're both out for tricking me back today. Both of them are mad at me. Rabbit is mad because I pulled his brother's ear and I held him up that way. Then I ate him. And Fox is mad because he wanted to do those things first."

"Yes, then it had to be one of them," my wife said.

So, all the noises were there. These things happen. Falling-tree noise was there. Falling-rock noise was there. Otter-mud-sliding noise was there. All those noises, and more, in my house.

"How long do you expect to stay," my wife asked them. "We need some sleep!"

They all answered at once!

That's why my wife and I sometimes can't hear well.

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