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Planting a Forest

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

If you read the story behind this website, you know that I need to plant an entire forest until I will stop winking my left eye every time I try to be polite. While it may be possible for a single person to plant a forest by himself, things would be much easier–or the forest much larger–if I get some help (wink, wink).

For every artifice sold (that is, for every game, zine, or whatever I might come up in the meantime), I will make a donation to the good folk at Ecologi and they will plant one tree.

Or why not, if you see something that you like around here, plant a tree yourself.

Either way, we're definitely going climate positive! Through this arrangement, a print-and-play game, for example, will offset the amount of paper used to play it everyday for 20 years (considering that the paper used to play it has not been recycled). My calculations are based on the numbers provided by Conservatree.

And that's just taking a rather narrow approach, as trees tend to provide much more stuff than just paper.


See the Artifices' Ecologi dashboard


So, why Ecologi?

I'm not affiliated in any way with Ecologi (maybe if they knew me, they wouldn't even want me). While there certainly is no lack of ecological and climate-action organisations, Ecologi stood out for me.

For instance, they are not a charity. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to lose trust in charities, but let's leave this for another time. Ecologi are not non-profit, but according to them at least, they aim for a "self-sustaining business model that is attractive to investors." The fact that they really seem to be transparent, efficient with their expenses, and doing this without using the magic c-word is a plus for me.

Asking just for 25 pence for a tree (that is 33 cents or 29 eurocents) was another big plus. I've stumbled upon charities that were asking £5 for a single tree!

Finally, they have personalised and gamified a bit the experience, offering you your own virtual forest. Details like these are always nice.



(warning, pun above)

June 2022 - Planted a few seedlings myself with the occasion of launching this website

July 2022 - A big thank you to Irina for her contribution

August 2022 - Planted 150 trees for The Sploogies

September 2022 - Planted 125 trees for The Onward Path

September 2022 - A big thank you to Robin. The latest hexagon of our nice little forest is hereby officially named Robin Wood!

December 2022 - A big thank you to an anonymous supporter who gave donated 50 trees. I matched that number, so our latest sapling batch is a full 100.



However, regardless of all the above, the age-old question remains, which not even the best tree expert in the world can answer: how many trees make a forest?

While waiting for the philosophers and the scholars to settle this (I'm sure they're hard at work), you can spend your time worse than reading a forest story.


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