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Weekend Phantasy

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I can't wait for the weekend!

In the morning I want us to go to the theatre. I heard there's an interactive, absurd play going on: some people stand behind some stalls and offer meat and fruits and vegetables and what not in exchange for—get this!—some nicely coloured, ornate pieces of paper! I've got some for us, so we can enjoy the show properly. And that's not all! At the end, they'll let you keep all that stuff.

Then we can go back home and cook our gifts. I'll make the new recipe I've just invented, stuffed cherries. After we eat, we could play some chess, the chill, weekend version, with just queens.

In the evening I want us to go out, ride the kaleidoscope.

And just like that, little by little, we're getting to the truly interesting part: when we'll get back home, I'll let you close your eyes and fall asleep. Then slowly, I'll slide the bedroom wall—and only then will you realise that all this time...

But enough! I said too much already, I don't want to spoil the Surprise.

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