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When All the Squirrels Pointed North

One day I wished that the squirrels all had their tails pointing north. I made them point north just by wishing it! It looked as if a wind was blowing north and trying to take those squirrel tails with it.

I walked down a path and saw squirrels in trees and on the ground. All with their tails pointing north.

“It’s so strange you would do this to us,” one squirrel said.

I said, “I got lost once, and couldn’t find north. If that ever happened again, I’ll just follow your tails.”

Then the squirrels called someone for help. It was a skunk! I wasn’t too happy about this.

I was standing just north of that skunk, close to him. He said, “Let their tails go! I’ll show you which way north is.”

Then he pointed his tail north.

At me!

I wished the squirrel tails back their old way. The skunk still had his tail pointed at me. I tried to get away, but it was too late.

Awgh! I ran south shouting, “He sprayed me!”

For days, everyone knew in their noses which way south was, because of me.

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