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Deep in the Forest of Eiires, the small village of Amphissa remained the only one standing after the angels left. Forlorn and forgotten, with its people growing wilder every day, it hardly shows on the better maps from the library of Bruksel.

But it is here that a quiet prophecy is about to unfold. A child has been born here, which will plant a tree. When that tree bear its first fruit, there will be peace on Earth.


It is a foretelling that only the few who had ears for it had heard, and which cannot leave Eiires. For once, the isolation of the place might bring fortune.

The child was quietly taken care of by Sture, the village elder, and Aldith, the old artificer, alongside her oblivious parents. But on the night of her seventh birthday, she disappeared.

All the adults in the village have dreamt of rabbits. Those who had children of their own dreamt their own children on top of the rabbits, racing towards the moon. 

You are barely a child yourself. The small gift you have shown towards the art of the artificers has been quelled by your parents, kind and simple people, which only want what's best for you. But now, the weight of the world suddenly stands on your shoulders. You are summoned by whispers and forces unknown beyond the Forest of Eiires, to bring to fruition an uncertain prophecy.



This is my ultimate project. I am still not sure what its ultimate form will be, nor when it will be launched, but it's going to be epic!

The games I do are just for practicing the gameplay of The Artificer.

The stories I post are just for inspiration for the story of The Artificer.

The Kickstarter campaigns are for funding The Artificer.

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