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The Bobbest Countries

As a geography geek I'm pretty much fascinated by the various indexes and numbers meant to provide invaluable insight regarding our existence on this planet. An existence, may I add, carefully apportioned and shaped by the borders inside which we may found ourselves. There are currently 35 centimetres (14 inches) of international borders for every person on Earth. I plan to decorate my section with...

Returning to our indexes, the accuracy with which they express reality, even in the most abstract way possible, is highly debatable. Regardless, they are able to form a picture of the world, from one of innumerable angles. 

Enter the BOB index, the one index to rule them all. It tells the ultimate information you need to know about a country: how bob is it. As you might expect, some are bobbest than other.

BOB is short for Best of the Best. It combines three of the most well-known and representative indexes for probably the most important aspects of our lives (our lives as captured by geography, that is): the Human Development Index, the Environmental Performance Index and the Democracy Index

Education, prosperity, inequality, environment and freedom. Now we have them all in one place. We can finally see who is the best among the best, and the less best among the best.

You can also check out how average countries are

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A free PnP solitaire or multiplayer mini-game


Match country tiles to the map. Bluff or spot the bluffs of your opponent.

Two difficulty levels: VERY HARD and HARDER 

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